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A tax attorney, or tax lawyer, is many things but there are three fundamental components that are a part of every representation. A tax lawyer must be knowledgeable about the law, they must be knowledgeable about the facts, and they must be a strong advocate for their client.

A tax lawyer is a lawyer who focuses on the IRS and the Internal Revenue Code. The tax code is one of the most complicated sets of laws ever written. The tax code is millions and millions of words long and it is all written in technical language. It requires years of experience to figure out how to read even the simplest code section in order to figure out what the law actually says. Once you understand the tax code you still have to know how it interacts with other laws such as Treasury Regulations, or the thousands of court cases that interpret the tax code.

Tax lawyers are also investigators and planners. Simply knowing the law is only part of lowering your tax bill. A taxpayer still has to put the plan into action if they want the benefit. If a taxpayer is trying to piece together what has already happened they need to know what is important and what is not. Getting a good result is never as easy as just handing over documents and trusting the IRS to figure them out.

It is only when you know the law and the facts that I can move to the most important part which is advocating for my clients. Often I know the procedures and the laws better than the IRS and if they are wrong I can tell them so. I have no fear of going to court on behalf of my clients and the IRS knows and respects this. Being able to stand up to the IRS and not taking no for an answer ultimately is what saves clients money.

Tax attorney vs CPA: What’s the difference?

CPA’s and tax attorney’s are two different sides to the same coin. Ideally both of them work together for a single client in order to figure out a client’s complicated tax issues. The tax attorney’s job is to figure out what the law is and the CPA’s job is to report it to the IRS.

There are some advantages to hiring a tax attorney instead of a CPA to resolve a dispute with the IRS. Since preparing the return is the legal responsibility of every American, all tax returns and the documents used to prepare them are open to audit by the IRS. A tax attorney, on the other hand, can look deeper into an issue without that worry. A tax attorney can assert both the Attorney-Client privilege as well as the Attorney Work Product Privilege over sensitive material.

Attorneys also have fewer conflict with their clients and are trained to watch for conflicts because they owe their clients a duty of loyalty. CPA’s often have a conflict with their clients when the IRS makes a large adjustment. The tax return preparer may be subject to penalties for preparing a return if they take a position that does not have a "reasonable basis" or if they improperly relied on what the client told them. This can lead to the client pointing the finger at the CPA, and the CPA pointing the finger at the client. Bringing in a tax attorney can change the focus to the law and protect everyone involved.

What I Do and Who I Help

I handle a wide range of tax issues. From planning a transaction before it is entered into, to litigating in tax court, I can help you pay the minimum tax that is legally required.

In addition to tax planning and litigation, I frequently help set up non profits, assist with audits, advocate for clients during the administrative process, and handle back taxes and other IRS collections matters. I also help clients with employment tax issues, innocent spouse claims, IRS whistleblower actions, and reporting foreign bank accounts. If the matter is criminal or has the potential to turn criminal I can help minimize the damage done to you and your family. In short if the IRS, or the California or Illinois state revenue departments, is on the other side I can help regardless of the problem.

My clients are mostly individuals and small businesses. I know that every dollar in tax paid comes out of their pockets. My clients are hard working people who want to do the right thing, but they don't want to be taken advantage of. I am able to explain the process, explain your options and help you pick a course of action. The goal is always to keep as much money in my clients pocket as possible but the process of how to get there can be just as important. I view myself as my client's partner in the matter and take each case personally. I want each and every client to walk away from the representation knowing that hiring me was the right decision.

My Background and Experiences as a Tax Lawyer

I have been a tax attorney for a decade. During that time I have saved my clients many millions of dollars in tax due. I pride myself on taking on difficult cases and getting great results for my clients. I know that while I see the same facts over and over again, there is no such thing as a routine case. My clients come to me stressed out, sometimes they are close to financial ruin due to a large tax bill, and I never take that for granted. Every client I have is entitled to frequent communication, the best result I can get given the facts and the law, and receiving a good value for the money they spend on my services.

I am a frequent speaker on tax topics. I often present to other attorneys and CPA’s about the tax laws. I am active with the American Bar Association, the Illinois State Bar Association, and the California State Bar Association.

I particularly enjoy working with entrepreneurs and small business people. Taxes are complex and the big companies employ lots of tax attorneys to help them get every advantage they can out of the code. I like bringing that same kind of advantage to the little guys who are looking for tax efficiency and know that every dollar they spend in taxes is a dollar that doesn’t go back into their company.

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