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Back taxes cause an enormous amount of mental and financial stress. Owing back taxes means the IRS can take your bank account or place a lien on all your assets. Even if the IRS isn’t actively trying to seize your bank account through a levy, having to live with the knowledge that they could is a heavy burden. It is tough to live a normal life when you have to worry about every phone call and constantly get letters from the IRS saying that you owe them money.

That is why I like helping people with back tax issues. I know what the IRS can and can’t do and I know how to stop them from harming you. Getting rid of back taxes is never easy. However once I get involved managing your back tax problems goes from almost impossible to achievable as long as you follow my step by step guidance.

I have helped many people through this process, and frequently save them money along the way. I know how to use the IRS programs to your benefit. More importantly I take the fear out of the process. My goal is to do the work so you can focus on your life and what is important to you, not what the IRS might do to you.

What are back taxes?

Back taxes are taxes you have not paid. Back taxes may be for returns you didn't file or just couldn't pay.  Many people have back taxes.  Normally, they don't cause problems in your day to day life which makes it easy to ignore them. If you ignore them, eventually the IRS will find you. Once the IRS does they will make your life difficult and the longer it has been the more money you will have to pay.  

If the IRS is demanding money from you it is better to work with them rather than ignore them.  If ignored, the IRS will take aggressive actions. The IRS will file a lien, or use a levy to make sure they are paid.  This can be done through the IRS automated system or by an IRS Revenue Officer, who is an IRS bill collector.  

An IRS lien will instantly drop your credit score 100+ points which can make it hard to borrow money or get a job.  If you are thinking about selling your house, the escrow company will pay the IRS before you.  If the IRS uses a levy they can seize all the money in your bank account.  The IRS doesn't care about your vacation, your kid's education, or if you need a new car.  They want you to pay your back taxes before you spend money on anything but the bare necessities.  They believe that if you own anything nice you should sell it and pay them. The IRS has a minimum of 10 years to collect a debt so back taxes problems can last a long time.  

Can I go to jail because of back taxes?

Failure to file a tax return is a misdemeanor under Internal Revenue Code Section 7203. In cases where the facts show a taxpayer was trying to evade taxes by not filing a return it can be a felony under Internal Revenue Code Section 7201. There are other required returns that can also bring jail time if you don't file them. For example one area the IRS is focused on is failing to file returns reporting foreign bank accounts.

If you filed your returns and reported all your income, it is not a crime to owe money. No one goes to jail because you simply can’t afford to pay, or you made an honest mistake about how much you owed.

It is rare that people go to jail for failing to file tax returns. If you owe lots of money and haven’t filed tax returns in a long time the IRS may be interested in prosecuting you. However for 99% of taxpayers it just isn’t worth the time and effort needed to put you in jail. The IRS will still make your life miserable, they just won’t take away your freedom.

If you are worried about going to jail there are ways to avoid criminal charges. If the IRS has not started an investigation, a taxpayer can make a voluntary disclosure in order to avoid jail. A voluntary disclosure must be done carefully because filing returns after an investigation has started is admitting to a crime. While missing a single unfiled return probably doesn't require a voluntary disclosure, if you have 5+ years of unfiled tax returns a voluntary disclosure may be an option.

How I can help you with back tax issues

The good news is that back taxes are manageable.  Past due returns can be filed.  The IRS offers options to pay all or part of the amount due over time through an installment agreement or and offer in compromise.  Once there is a plan in place, the IRS stops using some of their powerful collections tools. It can be complicated, and a taxpayer has to be honest with the IRS, but there is a way to put this behind you.

Not all taxpayers are a good fit for what I do, but if you are serious about solving your problems, I can help.  I will worry about the IRS so you don’t have to.  I know what is possible and what is not. I will take the time to learn about your unique situation and your special circumstances. I will argue your case to the IRS in order to get you the minimum payment possible. I want  you to focus your time and your money on your business and your family.

It won't be as easy as some of the services that advertise quick fix solutions would make you believe.  There is no guarantee that I can settle your debt for pennies on the dollar.  What I can do is find a solution that works for both you and the government.  To accomplish this I will listen to you and tirelessly advocate on your behalf.  My goal is for you to move on with your life, for you to be unafraid of the IRS and not have to worry answering the phone or checking the mail.

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